Joyful Despair

Februrary 3rd – March 5th 2016
Opening: Februrary 3rd 2016, At: 18:00 – 19:30
Kuad Gallery


Ailenin imkansizligi, Tuval uzeri karisik teknik, 120x100 cm, 2015
Impossibleness of Family
Mixed Technique of canvas
120×100 cm, 2015



Kuad Gallery is presenting Meltem Sırtıkara’s solo exhibition, titled “Joyful Despair” between 3rd of February and 5th of March, in scope of our 2016 Solo Exhibitions Program.

In her exhibition titled “Joyful Despair”, Meltem Sırtıkara looks at the human life. Focuses on family, life, gaps of life, impossibilities, identity search, love manifest nobody interferes and the search of happiness of a person. Her paintings are the sights of humans who are in search and need of finding balance in an order, bounded to boundaries and classes. We see many figures who are alone in crowds. We can see her perspective on our daily lives. Over the human being, she questions the awareness while looking at every aspect of these concepts.

These paintings which produced by Meltem Sırtıkara’s sight, can be viewed as an inevitable alternative against the positive and negative affects of sovereignty of the visual material of global, political and economic order. Human mind wishes to discover these different indicators, in these times of visual accumulation and pollution that are stated above and feels joy when finding it. Having the power of affection by being reduced to simplicity and minimal, these paintings carry a balanced visual information spread all over the canvas. Connected to the solution ways of the artist, the visual perception of us, joyfully sorts out the contrasts, harmonies, soft and hard transitions, stacks and pieces that are presented with the paintings. The viewer feels an even stronger pleasure when trying to discover the subtext and the meanings placed into the painting, instead of having that pleasure by just solving a crossword. Other reasons for the interest for these paintings, are the informations, signs indicators and the versatilities that are beyond the expectations, in these works. Sırtıkara, also suggests an intellectual and spiritual expansion, with the playful dimension of the sorted figures and visual words in her pictures, to the people who can not get away from the distrust, uniformities and ordinarinesses in their lives.

Meltem Sırtıkara’s figured and abstract paintings, also include indicators of individuals, families and daily lives of the society. These paintings are also the union of the thoughts; “Less is More” from Modernist memory and “Photographic looks” of Post-Modernist memory. The figures, that are placed at a monochrome background, in the paintings that are composed with pure colours and unsubtle shapes with a direct and simple style; reminds the quotations from an individual’s private life, social activities and family photographs. The “Joy and happiness” in daily lives of figures can be seen as reflections at first sight.



Nerede Ne Ariyoruz Su yuzeyi, Tuval uzerine karisik teknik  160X130cm  2015 Sular yukseliyor, Tuval uzerine karisik teknik 160x140cm 2015
Where and what are we looking for?
Mixed Technique of canvas
120x120cm, 2015
Water Surface
Mixed Technique of canvas
160X130cm, 2015
Waters are rising
Mixed Technique of canvas
160x140cm, 2015