Boris Demur

Boris Demur (Zagreb, 1951): painter and post-conceptual artist graduated the study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of Raul goldoni in 1975, and the study of printmaking in the class of Albert Kinert in 1977. He collaborated with the Ljubo Ivancic Master Workshop. He is considered to be one of the most gifted painters of his generation, despite, after graduation, abandoning the traditional approach. At the beginning, his works have the markings of the conceptual art; later he focuses on the so-called primary painting. By the end of the 70’s, he combines text and image in repetitive compositions that explore the meaning and place of painting and visual arts in the local social, political and global context. In 1983, he discovers the motif of Spiral and has stayed involved with it ever since. Demur positions Spiral as the end formula and symbol of the universal causality that can unify all of his ontological, cosmic and spiritual interests. Besides traditional media, he also uses collage, photography, performance, public action, video and installation.

Demur is one of the founders of the Group of 6 (1975 -1981). The group’s actions and exhibits often represented reaction against the conservative cultural institutions. ETO composition, a word-image as Demur names it, was done with the help from Andjelko Hundic during the public event held at the former Square of the Republic in Zagreb (today’s Ban Jelacic Square). The series of ‘word-images’ attempt to unite the meanings of a word with the acts of painting, expressing the striving of his generation to break away from all types of mimetic, narrative, ideological or manipulative functions of painting and art in general. He stated that the struggle of his generation for the ‘pure’, concrete art, at the same time means the struggle for just society freed from manipulation, exploration and ideology.